News and insights

Earth Day 2024 – Planet vs. Plastics
News from our EU team – April 2024
World Water Day 2024
International Women’s Day 2024: How REINVENT works to #InvestInWomen
Two years on: our view on Ukraine and progress amid conflict
International Day of Education 2024: leaving no girls behind
Working with Tetra Tech – what we’re looking for
#NoExcuse: Our work to tackle violence against women and girls
News from our EU team – November 2023
REINVENT welcomes the King and Queen
World Cities Day 2023: Working Towards Sustainable Inward Investment in Kenya’s Intermediary Cities
Protected: Third-Party Monitoring: Three Lessons on Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice
Recovery and reconstruction in Ukraine: supporting partners to create safer, more resilient communities
Supporting South Sudan’s peace agreement
News from our EU team – June 2023
Turning the tide on plastic pollution
Tetra Tech releases our Sustainability Report 2023, advancing our commitment to improving the lives of 1 billion people by 2030
Earth Day 2023 – an interview with Charles Reeve
World Water Day 2023 – supporting water sector reform in Mauritius
Protecting Colombia’s tropical forests
#IWD2023 – championing change and gender equity
Reaping the dividends of research: how evaluating international research and innovation partnerships can support sustainable development
Urban climate adaptation and mitigation – lessons from Kenya’s intermediary cities
Increasing women’s roles in South Sudan’s peace agreement
Using evidence to prevent gender-based violence – An evaluator’s perspective
Key insights from evaluating the SAFE programme: What have we learned so far about gender-based violence in Zimbabwe?
Promoting research uptake: Lessons from SAIRLA
SUED and COP27: Promoting private sector investment for green and inclusive growth
Two years of COVID-19: how have programmes adapted, what did we learn?
Our Impact – our work around the world
How monitoring, evaluation and learning can contribute to improving programmes’ approach to gender and inclusion
Evolution of the NATAF – three lessons for delivering technical assistance in uncertain environments
150 Days to COP27: Building financial literacy for climate action across North Africa
Our team at the UK Evaluation Society Conference 2022
Safeguarding in Morocco – a NATAF case study
Eight ways for large donor funds to maximise success through evaluative thinking
#EarthDay 2022: partnering for our planet
#EarthDay 2022 – keeping Colombia green
Leaving no one behind: how the SUED programme works towards gender and social inclusion
Sharing our land rights expertise across Tetra Tech
#BreakTheBias – empowering women through our work
Evaluating the Girls’ Education Challenge – Teachers and Teaching
Stories of change – tackling violence at its roots
Embracing inclusivity and peace in South Sudan
SUED and COP26: building a climate-resilient nation
SUED and COP26: promoting environmental protection through infrastructure
SUED and COP26: the role of women in mainstreaming climate adaptation
SUED and COP26: applying lessons from COVID-19 to the climate crisis
SUED and COP26: nature-based solutions for climate-resilient urban economic development
SUED and COP26: youth engagement in urban resilience
SUED and COP26: unlocking green finance
Climate change and conflict: supporting the Occupied Palestinian Territories and COP26
SUED on COP26: Positioning Kenyan municipalities for the future
Climate in focus – Charles Reeve
How we are applying an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lens to safeguarding
Integrating climate risk into resilience planning
Examining the secondary benefits of development assistance
Building climate resilience in Southern Africa
Developing climate resilience in the Okavango River Basin
The role of master planning in re-imagining urban spaces
Stepping up gender equality and social inclusion in infrastructure
Five questions to ask about safeguarding and COVID-19
Building opportunities and resilience in conflict and crisis: what we know
Communicating North Macedonia’s green energy future
Value chain development and urban economic planning
One decade to the next: Tetra Tech’s sustainability reporting
Changing the narrative of urban economic development
Responding to the shadow pandemic
International development careers during COVID-19
Land rights and the post-Covid economic recovery
Remote data collection – adapting to challenge upon challenge
Supporting Nigerian businesses during COVID-19
Education and economic development – what we know
COVID-19 – a project’s perspective
Tackling gender norms in girls’ education
Inclusive development: how we see it
Training a new generation of Somaliland journalists