Economic Growth

Our Economic Growth team delivers programmes that channel the power of the market to benefit the lives of people currently living in extreme poverty.

Our team combines broad implementation experience with advanced technical knowledge to help partner countries to mobilise their own resources, unlock opportunities to grow their economies and strengthen their workforces. We work with our clients to drive solutions that use markets as an engine for poverty reduction, helping countries to grow on a global stage and to develop into mature integrated economies.

Market systems development
We apply the market systems development approach to diagnose why poor people are not benefiting from markets, address the systemic constraints that are preventing their engagement, then remove the bottlenecks to their active participation.
Advocacy for better business environments
We believe that one of the most effective mechanisms for economic reform is strengthening the voice of business people within developing economies. We have an extensive history of developing advocacy programmes that build or strengthen channels and processes for businesses to feed into the development of their national or regional business environment.
Technology for development
We are a leading innovation fund manager, working with partners to stimulate technology solutions that deliver improved access to services and markets for low-income households across the developing world. Our work has enabled some of the leading disruptive innovations and innovators of the past two decades, including M-PESA and M-KOPA.
Evidence for improved project design and implementation
We work with donor organisations to provide rapid response evidence-based advice and analysis to head office and country based teams. Our insights enable informed project design, in-depth project performance reviews, and strategic lessons for ongoing implementation.  
Africa Clean Energy Technical Assistance Facility, FCOD, 2018-2023
Supporting accessible renewable energy innovation across Africa
LINKS - Catalysing economic growth in Nigeria, FCDO, 2019-2026
Increasing incomes and creating jobs for the poor in Northern Nigeria
Sustainable Urban Economic Development, FCDO, 2018-2022
Guiding Kenyan cities towards sustainable urban economic growth
Core fund management  partner, GSMA, 2008-Ongoing
Proving the power of mobile in emerging markets by supporting innovative startups 
Growth and Employment in States 4, FCDO, 2012-2017
Increasing incomes and employment opportunities in Nigeria’s wholesale and retail sector
Business Advocacy Fund, DANIDA, 2006-2020
Enabling a vibrant and competitive private sector