Economic Growth

Our economic growth team delivers programmes that harness market forces to transform lives of poor communities in the world.

Our team combines broad implementation experience with advanced technical knowledge to help partner countries to mobilise their own resources, unlock opportunities to grow their economies and strengthen their workforces. We work with our clients to deliver sustainable solutions in agricultural and non-agricultural sectors, facilitate responsible investment, increase market resilience, helping countries to grow on a global stage and to develop into mature integrated economies.


Director, Economic Growth & Infrastructure

Market systems development

We apply the market systems development approach in agriculture and non-agriculture context to diagnose why poor people are not benefiting from markets, address the systemic constraints that are preventing their engagement, then remove the bottlenecks to their active participation.

Investment facilitation

We attract and facilitate sustainable and responsible investment into businesses and value chains through capacity building of firms and institutions, investment intelligence, development of pipeline and financial product development. We engage with investors and climate finance providers to improve the flow of finance into underserved markets.

Advocacy for better business environments

We help set strategies that influence policy-making and reform the business environment by working with a wide range of actors, including national and local governments, civil societies and the private sector. Our interventions result in reduced cost of doing business, increased transparency and greater private sector participation.

Technology for development

We are a leading innovation fund manager, working with partners to stimulate technology solutions that deliver improved access to services and markets for low-income households across the developing world. Our work has enabled some of the leading disruptive innovations and innovators of the past two decades, including M-PESA and M-KOPA.

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