Responsible Business Practices

Tetra Tech International Development in Europe is committed to maintaining business practices that honour and protect the dignity and integrity of everyone with whom the company conducts business, employs and serves.

As a leading international development firm, we fully support continued progress and improvement within the development community to make development initiatives more effective.

We are committed to taking action within existing and future development activities to foster the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to embed the principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action into our systems and procedures. We are also committed to addressing various cross-cutting issues relevant to international development to ensure that all people can access and enjoy the benefits of our activities.

Our commitments not only relate to Tetra Tech’s standards for aid delivery, but also to our expectations and aspirations for our entire organisation.

Tetra Tech has a diverse and welcoming workforce. We strive to create working environments where people can thrive and where we are all continually learning about and understanding each other. Read our statement from Ben Ward, our Managing Director, to learn more about what we are doing to counteract societal inequality.

Equality, diversity & inclusion – what we’re doing

We are committed to providing a safe and trusted environment that safeguards anyone who our organisation has contact with – including beneficiaries, staff, subcontractors and consultants. Our organisational culture is one that prioritises safeguarding and ensures anyone who is a victim of an incident – or reports an incident – is safe and supported. This assurance is reflected in other organisational polices, including Code of Conduct, Whistleblowing policy, Modern Slavery Act Statement, Equal Opportunities, Recruitment, Health and Safety and Gender polices.

Our commitment to safeguarding is aligned with the UK’s Safeguarding Strategy and voluntary Private Sector Commitments on Safeguarding. We will do all we can to prevent incidents of sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment from happening, but where they do occur, we will take a zero-tolerance approach to ignoring, covering up or mishandling cases.

Read our Safeguarding Policy here
Read our Whistleblowing Policy here

All large international institutions – particularly those, like Tetra Tech, that work in countries that are still building the integrity of their workforce regulatory structures – are affected by modern slavery issues. Only by engaging in honest, supportive and collaborative dialogue within and across industry sectors about these problems will we begin to fully understand the challenges we all face and be able to design sustainable solutions.

In response to the UK government’s adoption of the Modern Slavery Act (2015), we have developed a statement outlining our commitment and actions towards ensuring the principles of the Modern Slavery Act are woven into our supply chains and business practices.

Read our Modern Slavery Statement

At Tetra Tech, our vision of the future is to incorporate the concepts of sustainability more fully into our daily operations and to follow the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development goal to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” We are in a unique position to further this vision and have the ability to provide innovative solutions to meet pressing global challenges. On a daily basis and on a global scale, our work plays a direct role in helping to achieve the balance that will allow future generations to access the necessary resources to meet all of their needs.

The focus of our Sustainability Program is to sustain the growth of our business, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to provide an exceptional work environment for our associates, all while providing better solutions for our clients.

Tetra Tech has been measuring and reporting on its sustainability efforts since 2011, and in 2021 set out a plan of robust commitments for the decade ahead. Read our 2023 Sustainability Report to learn about the progress we are making towards those commitments.

Learn more about the company-wide sustainability commitments here. 

As a business that delivers, designs and evaluates projects with long-term impact, we aim for climate positive outcomes through our work and operations. Our Carbon Reduction Plan sets out the commitments and action plan we are implementing to increase awareness of climate change within our organisation and supply chain, and the steps we are taking to understand and reduce our emissions to achieve Net Zero by 2050 at the latest.

This Carbon Reduction Plan contributes to the wider business ambition to achieve carbon neutral status by 2025 and the aim to be climate positive by 2030. For further information and questions, please email [email protected]

You can find our set of policies, statements and notices on our Supplier Information page.