Partner with us

Successful partnerships are vital for us and the success of the programmes we deliver.

We bid for and implement complex technical programmes that often cannot be delivered by one organisation alone. By partnering with specialist organisations, we build highly effective programmes that are underpinned by context-specific expertise. We work with national and international partners, as well as academic institutions and private and non-profit organisations, ranging from community-based grantees to niche technical specialist agencies.

It is important us that our partners are just that: partners. We build relationships with them that are respectful, mutual and productive, with a positive working environment from day one. We communicate clearly and openly and support them to build their capacity.

We enable meaningful participation for our partners, bringing them into the process as early as possible to allow enough time for them to provide us with meaningful inputs and feedback. We are not afraid to admit that we don’t have expertise in certain areas and to seek advice from our partners.

If you are interested in partnering with us in future, contact using the button below: