Climate and Environment

We help our clients to develop solutions for climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience challenges.

As a company, we realise the importance of adapting and building resilience to the impacts of climate change. Through our international consultancy and engineering expertise, we identify clear technical solutions to our clients’ most complex climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives.

In our UK and European teams we have extensive climate and environment experience, working with our partners to deliver on their climate and environment ambitions. We work collaboratively to create solutions globally for bilateral and multilateral agencies, including development finance institutions.

We are leaders in:
  • implementing sustainable water and energy projects
  • advising governments on the design and implementation of green policies, and
  • developing tools to mainstream climate considerations across programme portfolios and sectors.

Our progress and success is rooted in a dedicated team and expansive network of specialists for every context. Our climate and environment specialists also draw on our international expertise and networks, partnering with local experts, academic and research institutions to enable us to deliver high quality services, tailored for specific contexts.

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Director, Climate & Environment

Climate mainstreaming

We mainstream climate considerations across the project lifecycle to achieve positive climate impact across sectors. We are experts in integrating ICF indicators into project portfolios and work with our clients to design and implement climate-smart indicators to results frameworks.

Sustainable water & wastewater management

We manage water and wastewater planning across the hydrological cycle. Our work spans resource development, flood studies and protection, risk assessments, planning and design for water infrastructure investments, management assistance to utilities and institutional capacity building.

Natural resources and biodiversity

We work with the private and public sectors and civil society to improve natural resource management, conserve biodiversity and enhance regional, national and local resiliency. We support communities to manage and ensure sustainable use of their natural resources while conserving biodiversity for future generations.

Transition to clean energy

We work with our clients to develop policies and programmes that help make low carbon green growth an essential part of their economies and broader development frameworks. Our technical assistance ensures they have the institutional, technical and human capacity for a just transition.

Monitoring, evaluation, research & learning

Our in-house teams ensure that climate change and adaptation programmes are effective – and that future programmes are informed by evidence gathered through effective monitoring and evaluation systems. We have extensive experience devising high quality and tailored systems that feed into learning.

Climate governance

We work to address the institutional factors that affect how governments, countries, institutions and civil societies take action against climate change, making connections and seeking to resolve blockages. We carry out climate-focused political economy analyses to understand the power dynamics involved in a country’s approach to climate change.

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