Climate Change and Nature

We help our clients take credible climate action through resilient development and green growth.

We work in partnership with our clients to navigate complex climate and development challenges across disciplines and interests. Our expertise covers practical development of project pipelines, identification and facilitation of financing, as well as building and reforming market systems and institutions to more effectively respond to climate change.

Our teams have extensive climate, development and environment experience. They work collaboratively to create solutions globally for bilateral and multilateral agencies, including development finance institutions.

Our portfolio covers:
  • Market systems for green growth and resilient development
  • Green investment attraction, including carbon market finance
  • Access to climate finance, including pipeline development and bankability
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Clean energy transition
  • Resilient infrastructure development
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Climate governance in fragile contexts
  • Resilience and adaptation
  • Large-scale climate evaluation and learning
  • Building monitoring capacity on climate and nature programmes
  • Third-party monitoring
  • Using data science to inform and guide results through our in-house Dev Ops team.

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Charles Reeve is a Principal in Tetra Tech’s Economic Growth and Infrastructure practice. He is a climate scientist with over 40 years of experience in the preparation and financing of infrastructure to build climate resilience for poor and vulnerable communities.

Charles has track record of mobilising finance for climate-resilient infrastructure projects, including the development of innovative and non-traditional financing mechanisms, as well as development of nature-based solutions to ensure ecosystem integrity, biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

Daniel Yeo is a Principal supporting Tetra Tech’s Economic Growth and Infrastructure and Governance, Security and Justice practices. He has over 20 years of experience providing analytics-driven, politically informed advisory services to public and private clients on green growth and climate change.

His specialisms include enabling sustainable economic growth, water and energy security, political economy analysis, investment facilitation, carbon markets and climate finance.

Barry Smith is a Principal in Tetra Tech International Development’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning Practice. He has over eleven years of experience in climate change policy and governance – at multiple scales for international to sub-national – with a focus on multilateral adaptation and resilience climate finance and Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning.

Barry specialises in access to public finance and locally-led adaptation.

What makes us different

  • We think and work politically. We listen to local actors to understand and help our clients to navigate the right ways to respond to climate change in a particular country. We have extensive experience in working in fragile contexts.
  • We adapt and respond to evidence of what works. Our in-house implementation and evaluation specialists work together to learn across the whole project lifecycle – from design to delivery and evaluation. We apply the latest evidence to our work, monitor performance in real-time and integrate evaluation and learning throughout.
  • We recognise that climate is not a standalone issue. Our experience shows that climate is best addressed as part of wider economic, political and social priorities. Our multidisciplinary teams deliver programmes that tackle these interconnected development issues in a holistic and outcome focussed way.
  • We deliver results at scale. We have the experience and systems to deliver large-scale and complex climate and nature programmes, while maintaining the agility to capitalise on opportunities and ensure quality delivery.

From our Projects

Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF)

CRIDF transforms the way water infrastructure is used to build climate resilience for the poor across Southern Africa.

The programme supports transboundary institutions by using climate risk assessments to prepare climate-resilient water infrastructure projects, access finance for these projects and build the capacity of stakeholders to ensure the sustainable development of these projects.

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Monitoring, evaluation and learning on Territorios Forestales Sostenibles (TEFOS)

We lead the monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) of TEFOS, a flagship multi-year programme funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, which provides grant funding to support the Government of Colombia to tackle deforestation in conflict-affected areas.

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North Africa Technical Assistance Facility (NATAF)

NATAF provided demand-driven technical assistance to governments and other national and regional institutions in North Africa.

Many of the projects under NATAF had a climate component that supported adaptation to climate change and mitigating emissions, allowing us to advance credible climate action in the region.

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Takamol – Stability Services and Reform Programme

We analysed the political economy of climate change within the Occupied Palestinian Territories as part of the UK’s ongoing support to the Palestinian authority.

Our team highlighted the impact that the Israel-Palestinian conflict had on addressing the challenges of climate change.

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United Kingdom Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (UK NIAF)

UK NIAF is a £72.8 million programme that provides technical assistance on infrastructure to the Federal Government of Nigeria and selected state governments. It aims to stimulate sustainable economic growth by transforming Nigeria’s capacity to plan, finance, deliver and maintain climate-smart critical infrastructure in the power, roads, and infrastructure finance sectors, directly benefiting the poorest and most vulnerable Nigerians.

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Sustainable Urban Economic Development Programme (SUED)

The SUED programme promotes inclusive and climate-resilient urban economic growth in towns across Kenya. Our team works to identify high-impact value chains and infrastructure projects, raises investment, and brings them to fruition.


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CRIDF Flickr1
Supporting the Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Our team of climate experts is providing practical support to the GCF Secretariat and the Accredited Entities it partners with.

We are delivering three assignments for the GCF, ranging from technical assistance to guidance on best practice evaluation, results reporting, procedures and trainings.


Africa Clean Energy – Technical Assistance Facility (ACE TAF)

Our team worked with the private sector and governments to develop the market systems high-quality stand-alone solar systems to increase access to clean, reliable energy.

The programme improved the well-being and livelihoods of more than ten million people across Africa.

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