Girls’ Education Challenge – Access and Learning in GEC II

All girls deserve a bright future. The Girls’ Education Challenge is aiming to get marginalised girls into school, improve learning outcomes and help them transition to key stages of education, training, or employment.

This is why phase II of the GEC focussed on girls with disabilities through the 41 projects that incorporated a variety of interventions. In this fourth study in the series of the Independent Evaluation of the GEC II, our in-house evaluation team aimed to understand how GEC II projects supported girls with disabilities.

This study examines the extent to which GEC II projects have supported girls with disabilities through their interventions. It also considers the impact of COVID-19 and the factors that influenced the approaches taken during that time.

Our team further gives insights into the perceived and observed effects of the interventions on girls with disabilities, their teachers and educators, families and caregivers, as well as communities.





For more information on Educating Girls with Disabilities in the GEC II, see these annexes.

This study reviews how projects in the Girls’ Education Challenge Phase II (GEC II)
supported girls with disabilities (GWDs) and the outcomes of these interventions.