Girls’ Education Challenge – Aggregate impact of GEC-T projects

One of the two funding windows in Phase II is the GEC Transitions (GEC-T) Window, which supports marginalised girls to transition to the next stage of their education through 27 projects delivered across 15 countries.

The study below provides crucial insights into the extent to girls’ learning has improved and they are transitioning to the next stage of their education successfully at the midterm stage of the life of the projects.

This study focuses on the GEC Transition (GEC-T) Window. The study enables the FCDO and the GEC II Fund Manager (FM) to respond to the accountability objective of whether, and to what extent the GEC-T is associated with changes in girls’ learning and transition outcomes.

It also provides portfolio-level benchmarks for future GEC-T impact evaluation studies, highlights which subgroups were most affected by projects’ interventions and which intermediate outcomes are correlated with improved learning.




For more information on the Aggregate Impact of GEC-T Projects, see these annexes.

This Study Brief presents a summary of findings from the third Independent Evaluation (IE) study
of the Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC).

For this study, our team quantitatively assessed the extent to which the
27 funded GEC projects in the Transitions Window (GEC-T) have had an impact on girls’ learning and transition outcomes after 18 months of implementation – between baseline and midline – and prior to the disruptions caused by COVID-19.