Working with Tetra Tech – what we’re looking for

At any one time, we’re recruiting for a range of positions across a wide spectrum of disciplines, locations and levels of experience.

Tetra Tech’s global recruitment teams are constantly seeking out talented colleagues who bring the skills that we need, and are keen to join projects that are dynamic and purposeful. Recently, one of our business development recruiters, Cécile Abraham, spoke with Devex to share what we’re looking for in new recruits and what candidates can do to make their applications stand out.

Here are a few of the key takeaways from Cécile’s insights:

  1. A great employee will be able to work collaboratively and support our values of respect, inclusivity, integrity and thinking and acting creatively.
  2. Clear, detailed CVs that outline achievements or impact – not just roles and responsibilities – tend to stand out more, particularly if they highlight key soft skills such as problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.
  3. Climate skills and knowledge are hot for us at the moment, as we continue to integrate climate change work across out programme delivery.
  4. Project management remains a keystone discipline on our teams and for our recruitment priorities.
  5. We are open to ideas and encourage innovation and creative thinking, as we understand the value that colleagues at all levels of experience can bring, both for programme delivery and employee satisfaction.