Our Impact Report – making a difference around the world

In the midst of the uncertainty and disruption of the last few years, it can be easy to forget the positive change and collaboration taking place in development work around the world.

Tetra Tech International Development Europe’s new Impact Report recognises the effects that our work is having across the globe. It takes a look at the wide range of projects we have been delivering, while also casting a spotlight on the long-term projects we have worked on for a decade or more – where the cumulative impact of our work is generating tangible progress. These projects include:

  • Our community security work in Kenya;
  • How we have contributed to crucial market development in Nigeria;
  • Working with Kenya’s business community to support a better enabling environment for business;
  • Our technical assistance for infrastructure support work in the Western Balkans;
  • Evaluating what works in girls education programming;
  • Our long-term monitoring and evaluation and advisory work across European Commission directorates.

This impact demonstrates how our world-class teams successfully collaborate with the expertise of local partners and the vision and purpose of our clients. We work together to make progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the global efforts to tackle climate change.

Read our report below to learn more about this work, which we are continuing to deliver with integrity and technical excellence.