Supporting the UK Government in North Africa
North Africa Technical Assistance Facility
On the North Africa Technical Assistance Facility, we work with the UK's Embassies in North Africa, national governments and local beneficiaries across the region to provide technical assistance that supports the improvement of stability, security and prosperity.

We have been working on this programme since 2017, driving a range of projects and supporting Embassy staff and local actors to identify opportunities where they can work together on interventions.

We have designed the facility - known as NATAF - to deliver technical assistance to Governments, non-governmental organisations and multilateral partners in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Algeria. It is designed to be flexible and responsive to different needs and contexts and has involved delivering assistance that has already been designed by contracting and mobilising experts; developing ideas into detailed Terms of Reference by engaging with TA recipients; and delivering an end-to-end TA process from scoping out where the UK can best help, through to delivering a programme of TA. 

The technical assistance we have supported has included:

  • Assisting with the scoping, design and review of projects.
  • Training, coaching and mentoring partners.
  • Facilitating support to partners in the design and implementation of reforms.
  • Carrying out assessments, political economy analyses and evidence reviews.
  • Knowledge exchange through international visits, twinning arrangements and/or attachments into UK partner organisations.
  • Operational management, including contracting and deployment of experts, the management of small grants and coordinating and hosting workshops.
  • Providing monitoring and evaluation expertise and support, including capacity building, quality assuring results frameworks or Theories of Change and designing, managing and/or delivering independent evaluations.

Morocco: Vocational training support

We provided technical assistance for the development of a memorandum of understanding between the UK in Morocco and Morocco and were recognised by UK Ambassador to Morocco, Thomas Reilly.


Libya: supporting investment transparency

We have supported work by the Libya Investment Authority (LIA) and the UK Embassy to advance the LIA towards the transparency and accountability required by the Santiago Principles for sovereign wealth funds. Picture: @UKinLibya


Morocco: Training on Access to Information law

Working with Counterpart International, we organised the first training on Morocco's Access to Information law, for staff of the Directorate General of Local Government.


Our work so far has contributed to changes in policy or practice within partner country institutions, with the potential for much broader impact in the long-term, as well as to how the countries work internationally, particularly with the UK. 


  • The technical assistance we provided to Egypt's Ministry of Education was critical to the development of a new education reform strategy and vision for the ministry. It also helped the ministry to access World Bank funding to pay for the reforms. (2018-2020).
  • As part of our communication technical assistance to Egypt's Ministry of Finance (MoF), we have encouraged changes in the MoF’s communication practices for engaging with media channels to promote reform messages and communicate policies.


  • In Tunisia we provided technical assistance to support how the country secures transformative investment from the private sector for positive economic and societal change.
  • In Tunisia, the PMO Banking Study project made a series of recommendations, some of which were built into a World Bank project on digital finance that may lead to future changes.


  • In Algeria, we undertook a context analysis that has enhanced the UK Government's understanding of the drivers of sustainable security and prosperity in the country (2017).


  • Our analysis of UK-Morocco trade and investment produced recommendations for removing market access barriers and expanding the UK-North Africa regional trade (2017-2018 and 2019).


  • In Libya, we have supported the Ministry of Planning (MoP) in developing and using the LCMIS system developed by Gai Soft. This has changed how the MoP coordinates donor activity in Libya.

Tunisia: building international trade capacity

As part of the UK-Tunisia trade project, we arranged capacity building workshops with OCO Global for Tunisia's Centre de Promotion des Exportations (CEPEX) and the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce.


Morocco: Improving the business environment

We were guests of Morocco's National Committee for Business Environment - with whom we're currently working on capacity building - when they celebrated Morocco's rise to 53rd in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business 2020 Rankings.


Morocco: facilitating anti-corruption knowledge sharing

We facilitated a meeting between Morocco's Anti-Corruption Unit and their counterparts in the UK, as part of our anti-corruption project with the British Embassy in Morocco.