Improving Nigeria’s policing delivery   
Nigeria Policing Programme
This programme is working to improve how policing is delivered in Nigeria – not just by working with the Nigerial Police Force but by working with all the institutions, administrative functions, community groups and security actors who contribute to the national security environment.

We have worked on this four-year programme since 2016, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Conflict, Security and Stability Fund. Our Abuja-based delivery team is supporting the areas of accountability, community policing, resource allocation and cohesion among policing actors on safety and security issues. We’re working at state level in Borno, Kano, Lagos, Enugu, Adamawa and Yobe states, as well as federally out of the Federal Capital Territory.

We are working with the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and targeted policing accountability mechanisms to build their capacity. We are also providing technical assistance to key counterparts and institutions to improve their ability to function. The programme is building communication within and between security actors to improve the effectiveness of public outreach and advocacy.

NPP works vertically through administrative levels at the federal, state and in local communities to address identified problems within policing structures. Interventions are also implemented horizontally to ensure changes in service delivery, accountability, coherence, and evidence-based resourcing and planning.