Integrating climate risk into resilience planning

Effective storm water management is a central component of advancing climate resilience and economic growth in Kenya’s Isiolo county.

An urban area that is prone to flooding, climate change has accelerated the demand for solutions that protect people from harm, prevent damage to infrastructure and ensure continued economic growth across the urban areas of Kenya.

In their latest case study, the team on our Sustainable Urban Economic Development (SUED) programme highlights how they have worked with Isiolo’s local government to mitigate these floods. Integrating climate risk into resilience planning, the team’s approach has helped the municipality to foster sustainable urban growth whilst building climate resilience.

With COP26 putting a particular spotlight on adapting to the realities of our changing climate, the work of our SUED team provides a local solution to the global challenge of ensuring prosperity, safety and growth in the face of increasing climate risks and extreme weather events.

You can read more about SUED’s work across Kenya on the project website: