Economic growth

The Land Facility

by Mary.Vancura • 13 June 2024

The Land Facility is providing technical support to tackle complex land governance problems and furthering wider developmental objectives.

Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility

by Jana.Stupperich • 18 March 2022

CRIDF’s main goal is to transform the way water infrastructure is used to build climate resilience for the poor across Southern Africa.

United Kingdom Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility

by Jana.Stupperich • 27 October 2021

UKNIAF aims to catalyse sustainable economic growth through infrastructure that directly benefits the poorest and most vulnerable Nigerians.

Business Advocacy Fund

by Jana.Stupperich • 1 September 2021

The Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) established the Business Advocacy Fund (BAF) in 2006 with the objective of reducing unemployment and poverty.

Fund managing for GSMA Mobile for Development

by Mary.Vancura • 1 September 2021

As Independent Fund Manager for several GSMA Mobile for Development funds from 2008 to 2021, we provided robust fund management systems and controls.

Sustainable Urban Economic Development Programme

by Jana.Stupperich • 1 September 2021

SUED promotes inclusive and climate-resilient urban economic growth across Kenya by identifying high-impact value chain and infrastructure projects and raising investment to bring them to fruition.

LINKS – Catalysing economic growth in Northern Nigeria

by Jana.Stupperich • 18 August 2021

LINKS aims to support the development and diversification of Northern Nigeria’s economy by increasing incomes and creating jobs.

Africa Clean Energy – Technical Assistance Facility

by Mary.Vancura • 28 July 2021

ACE-TAF increases access to clean, reliable energy and improves the well-being and livelihoods of more than ten million people across Africa.