Value chain development and urban economic planning

The value chains that exist throughout Kenya’s municipalities are varied and diverse. This has meant that our team on the Sustainable Urban Economic Development (SUED) programme has had to develop a method of identifying the value chains to work with in each municipality to optimise the economic development work.

In their new case study, the SUED team has detailed how they are working with six municipalities – Kitui, Malindi, Isiolo, Kathwana, Kisii and Iten – to help them determine how best to harness value chain development for maximum industrial development, job creation and resilient livelihood impact while identifying critical climate resilient infrastructure.

Sustainability of these value chains is essential. Following the team’s thorough identification and assessment stages, the municipalities are able to see the importance of a stable off take and pricing, the need for integration of waste management into the value chain, how to link the value chain with the national broader economic agenda as well as identify the employment potential for their locals.

You can read more about SUED’s work across Kenya on the project website: