One decade to the next: Tetra Tech’s sustainability reporting

Tetra Tech has been reporting on its sustainability for the last 10 years, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability by focusing on projects, processes, procurement, and people.

Our company’s Sustainability Reports capture the efforts made across the whole of Tetra Tech’s diverse global operations—far beyond our specialist area of international development. The 2021 Report marks the achievement of ambitious goals for 20 specific metrics—significantly beyond original aspirations. These include environmental, social and governance goals.

And now, as One Tetra Tech, we are looking towards the next decade, setting a new commitment to be Climate Positive & Carbon Negative. The aim is to achieve a net reduction in greenhouse gases, as measured in tons of CO2 through our projects, procurement, processes, and people. Our goals align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially in the key areas of environment, water, sanitation, and social responsibility.

Click on the image to read our Sustainability Report 2021.

Read the full write up and message from Dan Batrack, our President and CEO.