Evaluation support study of the European Union agricultural promotion policy

The EU’s promotion of agricultural products policy enhances the competitiveness of the Union’s agricultural sector. Under the slogan, “Enjoy, it’s from Europe”, it aims to help open up new markets for agricultural organisations, to promote EU agri-food products into international markets, and to raise awareness among consumers of the efforts made by European farmers to provide quality products.

The objective of this evaluation study was to examine the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency and added value of the EU agricultural policy in order to feed the results into a European Commission report to the European Parliament and European Council.

Our evaluation provided a holistic assessment of the policy and in particular the information and promotion measures funded through this policy. Our evaluation team used document and literature reviews, semi-structured in-depth interviews, online surveys and case studies to collect, compile and analyse quantitative and qualitative data.

The results of our evaluation the fed into the report on the application of the reformed legal framework that the Commission had to submit by end-2020, together with any proposals to amend the framework.

The report presented to the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development found that, although it was too early to confirm the full effects and effectiveness of measures implemented, they appeared well aligned with the objectives and the study confirmed the relevance of the general and specific objectives of the policy and activities supported.

Our evidence showed the reformed policy design was positive overall, with the exception of the design of its monitoring and evaluation, where improvements would be needed. We were also able to confirm the policy’s EU added value, internal coherence and coherence with national policies and found that the EU agricultural promotion policy was consistent with other related EU policies. We highlighted the importance of ensuring this remains the case, considering the Commission’s renewed emphasis on environment with the Green Deal, for example.


Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission