Practice Areas

Our practices are teams of thematic experts who have the professional networks, technical aptitude and practical experience to make projects work in challenging environments.

We draw teams together from across our practices and our networks of consultants to deliver transformative outcomes. Our project managers are also economists, evaluators, security experts, political scientists and more, who bring multidisciplinary expertise and a wealth of global knowledge to our work. 

  • Economic Growth
Economic Growth

Our Economic Growth practice channels the power of the market to benefit the lives of the 1.5 billion people currently living in extreme poverty.

  • Governance, Security & Justice
Governance, Security & Justice

We improve governance, security and justiceservices in developing states, particularly in areas where conflict and fragility hinders independent institutional progress. 

  • Evaluation & Research
Evaluation and Research

Our evaluation and research practice uses knowledge to improve performance. We measure the impact of work, then use that information to promote results-based management and decision-making.

Evaluation and research EU

Coffey, A Tetra Tech Company, is one of Europe’s principal providers of evaluation and research services.


Digital Innovation

Technology has the potential to be transformational for development programming, ambition and impact.