Transforming Nigeria’s infrastructure development 

Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility  
The Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (UKNIAF) programme aims to improve the lives of Nigeria’s poorest people by transforming the way infrastructure is planned, delivered and managed.

To do this, we work with the Federal Government of Nigeria across the power, roads, capital budget and PPP sectors, and with both the Federal Government and the state governments of Borno and Yobe to support the reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure in the conflict-affected North-East.

Funded by the Department for International Development, UKNIAF is the United Kingdom’s flagship technical assistance initiative in Nigeria’s infrastructure space. We work on a demand-led basis, acting to support Nigerian government counterparts who have requested assistance in delivering reform programmes geared towards providing inclusive economic growth.

Operating for four years from October 2019, UKNIAF aims to catalyse sustainable infrastructure development at a national level and unlock the significant infrastructure constraints currently in place which disproportionately affect those in extreme poverty.