Developing climate resilient water infrastructure in Southern Africa
Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility  
Our work on the DFID-funded Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF) has mobilised over €15m of direct finance for sustainable small-scale water infrastructure projects across 12 countries in Southern Africa – and secured a further €130m committed in donor pipelines.  

During the first phase of the programme (2013-2017) the projects have so far improved water security for 500,000 people and reduced flood risk for some 1 million people.

Our team has supported the identification, preparation, financing, and implementation of these projects, while also supporting sector-wide reform through Technical Assistance to regional bodies and national policymakers.

We select these projects from regionally approved lists, with communities, utilities, and governments all heavily engaged in the project preparation process. Projects include all aspects of integrated water resource management (water supply, wastewater, sanitation, irrigation, hydropower, early flood warning systems) and cover all aspects of engineering (new infrastructure projects, rehabilitation, operations and management, monitoring).

CRIDF has raised finance from development finance institutions, government funds, climate funds, regional funds, and the private sector – underpinned by ongoing political and economic cost-benefit analysis. CRIDF Phase 2 (2017-to date) has so far seen 9 projects brought to financial closure, with over €70m of public and private finance mobilised.