Tackling bribery and corruption in Sri Lanka 
Sri Lanka Anti-Bribery and Corruption Programme
On this programme we are working with Sri Lanka’s judicial institutions to make them more aware of international best practice on tackling bribery and corruption. 

We are building the capacity of law makers to process and pass anti-corruption legislation. The programme is also engaging with the Judiciary to improve case management systems and providing carefully targeted capacity building for the Attorney General’s Department.

This work – which started in 2019, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Conflict, Security and Stability Fund – is building valuable relationships that will strengthen the legacy of this programme. We are building connections between the British High Commission and the senior stakeholders in the Judiciary and we are hosts knowledge sharing visits to the UK, where Sri Lankan stakeholders are learning best practice on the drafting of anti-corruption legislation and reform from UK practitioners.

We are also coordinating with counterparts from the US Government, to coordinate the international technical assistance, tailor joint engagement plans to resolve bottlenecks and, ultimately, maximse the impact for the Sri Lankan Government.