Monitoring inclusive economic growth
Cities and Infrastructure for Growth - Results Management and Learning
The Results Management and Learning (RML) component of the Cities and Infrastructure for Growth (CIG) programme is providing DFID with independent oversight and results verification for the £165m economic growth programme.  

CIG is a demand-led, adaptive technical assistance programme that aims to create jobs and reduce poverty by supporting inclusive economic growth. It is doing this by building the enabling environment for public and private investment into urban, energy and infrastructure sectors.

The intended outcomes for the CIG programmes are:

  • Enhanced urban productivity that will allow cities to benefit from the economies of agglomeration leading to strong multiplier effects in stimulating other high value activities.

  • Improved access to reliable and affordable power that will support the increase in trade, productivity and private sector development.

  • Improved infrastructure services that will deliver critical infrastructure such as transport.

It is initially focusing on three target countries – Myanmar, Uganda and Zambia – with the scope to expand to up to nine countries in total.

We have been managing the six-year RML component in Myanmar, Uganda and Zambia since 2017. We are also managing CIG’s Investment and Innovation Fund, a £20m fund that is open to applications for funding for […] projects from [businesses / civil society / HMG] in all DFID countries.