Monitoring the UK's development work across Africa 
Africa Regional Department Cross Portfolio Third Party Monitoring
The Third Party Monitoring work we are carrying out for DFID’s Africa Regional Department (ARD) is helping to drive improvements in programme delivery and reporting and giving the department greater assurance on what is delivered and achieved through its portfolio.

DFID’s Africa Regional Department (ARD) is the third largest spending department in DFID’s Africa Divisions, with a resource budget of £160 million for 2019/20. It operates programmes across a number of African countries, at the pan-African, regional or sub-regional levels, through a complex set of regional partners. ARD’s country footprint includes some of the world’s most fragile and poorest countries facing protracted humanitarian crises, across the Sahel and in the Central African Republic.

The DFID-FCO Joint Sahel Department (JSD) was established in November 2018, out of ARD, with the aim of specifically managing the risks of operating in the Sahel region.

These operations take place in an inherently risky environment, where DFID frequently relies on remote management of partners and programmes. The delivery of an effective regional strategy requires tackling complex development problems through large numbers of disparate institutions and stakeholders, including where DFID has no presence on the ground.

As Third Party Monitoring partners, we will be able to provide DFID with timely and relevant feedback on the quality of results systems, data and partner delivery. We are monitoring both ARD and JSD, as the newer department works to establish its own monitoring and management systems. Our work is supporting the verification of programme monitoring across a portfolio that includes humanitarian, conflict, water, energy, climate change, trade, organised crime, and agricultural development programmes.

Photo: Anna Dubuis/DFID CC BY 2.0