Evaluation and Research
European Public Policies

We are one of the principal providers of evaluation and research services for the public policies of European institutions.
We provide high-quality, independent evaluations and impact assessments of public policies and programmes and have developed a strong focus on the evaluation of information and communication activities. We are an industry leader known for rigorous and thorough evaluation that combines a deep understanding of social research methods with analytical excellence.
Pan-European experience

Tetra Tech has a deep understanding of the multi-faceted European Union (EU) policy environment, developed from more than 20 years of experience in the European context. We have undertaken more than 250 engagements for the European Commission - across 26 Directorates-General - and with clients in the European Free Trade Association.

Tools & tailored solutions

We have expertise in both qualitative and quantitative approaches and methods including benchmarking, case studies contribution analysis, theory-based approaches, cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis, logic models, rapid evidence assessments, theory of change, and value for money analysis.

Multidisciplinary expertise

Our team’s diverse academic and professional backgrounds, as well as our knowledge of the majority of EU languages, enables us to work in a wide range of sectors. Our work covers multiple policy areas, including information and communication, customs, education and culture, fisheries, health, consumers, research and innovation, employment and social affairs.

Policy and Programme Evaluation

Our experience in evaluation and impact assessment has given us a deep understanding of our clients’ areas of policy focus. This places us in a unique position to supply high-quality services. We take pride in designing methodologically robust and technically appropriate research that delivers what our clients need. In particular, we understand that our studies must provide a sufficient level of technical rigour and focus to be useful to policy practitioners.

Mid-term evaluation of the Partnership Instrument

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Evaluation of the European customs inventory of chemical substances (ECICS)

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Evaluation of Communication Activities

Communicating about the European Union to its citizens and other stakeholders poses significant challenges. These include frequent misinformation about the EU from various sources as well as disinterested, apathetic or even hostile audiences. Despite, or perhaps due to these difficulties, the need to communicate about the EU remains as important as ever. 

We are one of Europe’s leading providers of ex-ante, interim and ex-post evaluations of communication activities, tools and campaigns.

Communications Review of the EEA and Norway Grants 2009 - 2014

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Evaluation of the European Commission corporate communication campaign 

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Technical Assistance

Monitoring, reporting and evaluation are critical features of decision-making processes. Through its Better Regulation agenda, the European Commission has committed to design, deliver and support the implementation of interventions of the highest possible quality. Compiling a robust information or evidence base is an essential component of better policy making. Lesson learning is instrumental to improving EU action, and it serves transparency and accountability objectives too. Tetra Tech combines a unique set of skills to provide support to its clients in establishing comprehensive and reliable monitoring & evaluation systems.

Technical assistance for the Partnership Instrument monitoring and reporting system 

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Research Studies

Tetra Tech designs, manages and delivers complex multi-country research projects in a variety of sectors. 

We are continuously working to improve our sector and methodological expertise in order to apply sound approaches in complex environments. This on-going learning allows us to stay at the cutting edge of research and to adapt academic research to the needs of our clients. It also enables us to present frequently at conferences.

Rapid Assessment of Norway Grants Research Programmes

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Study on a Pilot project: Making the EU transport sector attractive to future generations 

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